Eric Scigliano

Eric Scigliano has been a science writer at the University of Washington, a staff writer and editor at several newspapers and magazines, and has written for National Geographic, New Scientist, Discover, and other national publications. He is the author of Michelangelo’s Mountain and Seeing the Elephant: The Ties That Bind Elephants and Humans.

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Recent Stories

Despite warnings by biologists and geneticists, eminent individuals and venerable institutions helped promote a false theory that led to sterilizations and genocide.

Fossilized cell remnants in 3.4 billion-year-old bedrock are from primitive microbes. 

Frog hoppers piercing plants with their mouthparts produce negative pressures exceeding a megapascal. 

An Okinawa citrus species arose two million years ago when the Ryukyu archipelago disconnected from Asia.